Summer Camp for Children ages 5-12 years old


Camp Victory
daytime summer activities
along with VBS,
and field trips.

Junior Leadership Team youth summer program ages 12-17
community service,
art murals
and field trips.
Educate on how to be productive.

Mason Initiative in Mission (MIM)
summer day camp and
after school program
in Mason, Tennessee.
Partnership with
several local
Mason, TN groups.

Health Care Checkups twice a year in
Spring and Fall,
Includes Methodist
Hospital, University of
Memphis Nursing Students
Shelby County Health Dept.


Open Tuesday and Thursday, 9 am- 12 Noon

The UMNC-M Scott Center Food Pantry serves residents in zip codes 38111, 38112, and 38152.

New Clients must fill out necessary paperwork to receive services with the following information: household income, number of family members, monthly expenses.
Recipients must have a photo ID and proof of their home address, which can be a piece of mail or a photo ID with the current home address.

UMNC-M Staff will review the number of family members in the household and will also consider other agencies that provide services in Memphis.

Scott Center Food Pantry is operated by Memphis Food Bank Guidelines, which provides a balanced meal package for families, including a protein, fresh fruit and vegetables when available, and other canned goods.


• Junior Leadership Team:

A summer program for youth ages 12 – 17; for ten weeks. The ministry engages youth teams to discover their personal gifts, and how these unique gifts can be utilized to serve their neighbors.

• College Colleagues for Christ:

Students from local universities and colleges work as interns and provide community service to UMNC-M children and programs.

• Host Youth Mission Groups:

UMNC-M involves these groups in hands-on ministry and provides education on urban issues affecting families and children.